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Sign Up Questions

How do I sign up for the free trial?

  • In the top right hand corner of the AnnualLeave website you will see a ‘Free Trial’ button. Click this, fill in your details, submit them and a member of the AnnualLeave team will then contact you with your log in information and all other information.
  • Once you have received your log in information, you will be allowed to access the AnnualLeave System where you can create and edit your HR management plan.

How long is the free trial period?

  • Your trial will last 30 days.

Will I be given total access to the system during the free trial or will I be given a limited view of the system?

  • You will receive full access to the system when you are on your trial period.

Why should I use AnnualLeave?

  • We make Annual Leave management simple. AnnualLeave lifts the burden of employee leave management by streamlining the process. Cut request processing times, monitor staff leave trends, track absenteeism, and maintain company compliance all with one user-friendly, affordable self-service program.

When can I sign up for AnnualLeave?

  • Many people believe that annual leave management is a subject that can only be addressed at the beginning of the year or year-end but this is not true! With AnnualLeave, you can sign up to our user-friendly, affordable self-service program at any time throughout the year.
  • It’s never too late in the year to save time, reduce stress!

Are there any sign-on or set-up fees involved?

  • There are no sign-on or set-up fees involved. Prices are per employee per month and reduce as staff numbers increase. And because we charge on a monthly basis, your total fees adjust in line with your employee numbers.

Employee Questions

How do I request time off?

  • You will be given log in details by your HR Admin for the AnnualLeave System. Once accessed you will be brought to a calendar where you can select the days you wish to take off and submit them for HR approval.

Can I request different absence types on the system?

  • Yes, when requesting days off you will be allowed to select the Absence type. Example: Holiday leave, jury duty, maternity leave

Can I see my co-workers days off on my own system?

  • You will be able to see your co-workers calendars if your HR Admin has configured the system and allowed you to do so. If your Admin has not given you permission to view Shared Calendars, you will only see your own personal one.

How will I know when my request has been accepted/denied/cancelled?

  • When you make a request, your HR Admin will be notified of the request and they will make a decision on whether to accept or deny it. Once they have accepted/denied the request you will be sent an email notifying you of their decision.

Is there a limit as to how many days I can request off?

  • This limit will vary depending on the company and also the type of Leave requested (Sick leave, holiday, Jury etc). The industry average is usually 20 days Annual Leave.

Can I be upgraded as a user on the system? (Be given more responsibility, greater access etc)

  • Yes your HR admin will be able to change your role in the system when and where appropriate.

HR Administrator Questions

Employee related

How do I add employees?

  • You can add employees by clicking on the ‘Company’ tab on the AnnualLeave System and selecting ‘Employees’ option from the drop down menu. From here then you can add all the relevant details for that particular employee (i.e. Basic details, role, allowances etc)

How many employees can I add?

  • You can add an unlimited number of employees to your system.

What roles can be assigned to users on the system?

  • There are a number of roles that can be assigned to a user, depending on their position within the company or what their involvement with the HR process is. The roles available are:
  1. Receptionist
  2. Account Manager
  3. Payroll Administrator
  4. HR User
  5. HR Manager
  6. Company Director
  7. Approver
  8. Fire Warden
  9. Can record absences
  10. Can access reports
  • When adding employees to the system, the HR Admin can tick which role(s) is appropriate for the employee. Each role comes with a different level of access to the system.

How do I create Employee Groups? (i.e. First aid group, fire marshal’s group etc)

  • You can create Employee Groups by clicking on the ‘Company’ tab on the AnnualLeave System and selecting ‘Employee Groups’ from the drop down menu. You can then name the group, include a group description, add the specific employees and include a minimum cover percentage to the group. Note: There are a number of pre-generated groups that come with the system. You can use these or create your own.

How many groups can I add?

  • You can add an unlimited number of groups to your system.

Is it possible to add additional employee roles to the system?

  • No the default list cannot be edited. You do not have to assign every role available to an employee but you cannot add additional roles.

Can I add more than one HR user? (i.e. in the event of the regular HR user being absent)

  • Yes, you can add additional HR users.

Is there a limit to how many of a particular role I can assign to my employees?

  • No there is no limit, you can add an unlimited amount of users to a role if you wish.

Can you set deadlines as to when an employee can make a request for time off?

  • Yes, it is possible to set deadlines. The default setting is 0 days but this can be changed to 3 days, 1 week, 1 month etc depending on the absence type.

Can I add additional absence types to my system?

  • Yes, additional absence types can be added by clicking on the ‘Company’ tab and selecting Absence types from the drop down menu. On this page you will see all the current absence types available in your system and how they appear on your calendar. On your new Absence Type you will be allowed give it a description, a code and a colour so it is easy to distinguish when it appears on the calendars.


Is it possible to allow users only see certain calendars?

  • Yes you can configure calendars so that certain ones can only be viewed by certain employees.

Is it possible to see what Absence Type an employee has requested when looking at the calendar?

  • Yes, each Absence Type has been assigned a colour so it is easy to see what type of request has been made. These colours can be edited if necessary. Example: Maternity Leave will appear as red on the calendar, sick leave as green, jury duty as blue etc.

Policy related

How do I add a company policy?

  • You can add a Company Policy by clicking on the ‘Company’ tab on the AnnualLeave System and selecting ‘Edit Company Policy’ on the drop down menu.

How do I view company policies?

  • Once the policy has been created and saved, it can be viewed in ‘Company Policy’ option on the ‘Company’ drop down menu.


Can absence requests made by an employee be seen by other employees and/or managers?

  • Initially employees will only be able to see their own requests. However this can be configured by Administrators so that certain requests appear on a shared calendar.

How do I add locations?

  • Locations can be added by accessing the ‘Locations’ option on the ‘Company’ menu. From here you can also add employees to each location. You can include as many locations as you want

Is there a limit on how many locations I can add to my account?

  • No there is no limit. You can add an unlimited number of locations to your Company

Is it possible to change an employee’s location?

  • This can be done by clicking the Company tab and selecting the Employee option from the drop down menu. From here you select the employee whose location you wish to change and click the ‘edit’ button beside their name. Then click on the ‘Organisation’ tab and select the new Location from the drop down menu.

System Questions

Does the system recognise different National Holidays for different countries?

  • Yes the system will allocate National Holidays days off for employees depending on where they are located geographically.  Ex. Employees based in France will be allowed a day off on July 14th but not Irish based staff. Vice versa for St Patricks Day.

Where is the data stored?

  • The data is stored at azure database

Is the system secure?

  • Yes, we are using token based authentication for API.

Will our information and data be backed up should our system crash?

  • We have daily automatic backups setup on azure.


How do I change the Email template that is sent out to employee upon accepting/denying their request?

  • Email templates can be edited by clicking on the ‘Company’ tab and selecting the ‘Email templates’ option on the drop down menu. From here you can select what email you wish to edit (including Request Cancellation, Request Approved, Cancellation Rejected etc), what content to include in the email and what tags to include in it (customer name, approver name, etc)

How are employees notified of approved or rejected requests?

  • An email will be sent to the employee notifying them of the outcome of their request. This email is generated automatically by AnnualLeave after the request has been approved or rejected.

Do Approvers get reminders of outstanding requests?

  • Every Monday an email will be sent to the Approver, highlighting all the outstanding requests they have. The email will also highlight staff absences for the upcoming 2 weeks.

How does an Approver know when a request has been made by an employee?

  • The Approver will receive an email from the AnnualLeave System notifying them that an employee of theirs has submitted a request.


How do I view reports?

  • There is a dedicated tab for Reports on the AnnualLeave System. Clicking on this will allow you to see:
  1. List Reports,
  2. Absence Reports,
  3. Bradford Reports,
  4. Percentage Reports,
  5. Employee Reports
  • The information on these reports will generate automatically based on the information you input elsewhere in the system. This information can be exported to Excel if necessary.

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