There is an extensive range of leave types, each influenced by their own set of regulations and policies. AnnualLeave covers all of them, allowing you to manage employee leave in confidence.

If employee leave were confined to just one kind of leave then managing their time off would be so much easier. But there are many types, each of which is defined by set rules relating to entitlement, duration and frequency.

AnnualLeave covers all of the different leave types at once, allowing users to manage employee leave confidently with a simple click and ensuring full compliance in the process.

It even lets you customize your leave categories to suit your own operation, grouping employees together by role or function, differentiating between casual or permanent workers, and recording leave periods by the hour or by the day.

Among the key types of leave included in our range are:

Planned Leave Types

Annual Leave - Click to learn more

The most common type of employee leave and a statutory right, it is important that employees get their full annual leave entitlement each year. But employees rarely take their full entitlement in one go. AnnualLeave manages each employee’s entitlement separately, carry forward unclaimed time off and calculate remaining annual entitlements.

Maternity Leave - Click to learn more

Pregnant employees are entitled to a specific period of time off work, covering both their pregnancy term and a certain period after their child is born. Now you can stay up to date on an employee’s Maternity Leave status and expected back-to-work date.

Paternity Leave - Click to learn more

Expectant fathers are also entitled to set periods of Paternity Leave, whether their partner is having a baby, they are adopting a child or there is a surrogacy arrangement.

Parental and Shared Parental Leave - Click to learn more

Parental Leave can be granted to an employee that needs to look after their child’s welfare, Shared Parental Leave allows eligible parents to share time off work after their child is born. This can result in complex arrangements, like an employee taking only a portion of their entitlement and returning to work, before resuming their leave at a later date.

Adoption Leave - Click to learn more

An employee who becomes an adoptive parent is entitled to Adoption Leave. As with any other parental status, AnnualLeave can record the period of time off your employee takes, and note their return to work date.

Disability Leave - Click to learn more

Employees who have a disability are entitled to paid time away from work for certain purposes, including medical treatment, physiotherapy, rehabilitation therapy, medical assessments relating to their disability, and any recovery time they might require.

Unplanned Leave Types

Sick Leave - Click to learn more

Illness can strike anyone and without warning. But employees are entitled to get a certain number of days or hours paid Sick Leave. Because all data on AnnualLeave is updated in Real Time, each employee’s time off sick can be accurately recorded, and entitlements automatically adjusted.

Compassionate Leave - Click to learn more

When employees with dependants need time off to deal with an emergency situation, you can input an agreed period of Compassionate Leave. So, you can more easily manage personnel resources and see when that employee is due to return.

Public Service Leave - Click to learn more

Some employees may serve a public role that requires them to take time off work – for example, be a Justice of the Peace. With AnnualLeave, you can record Public Service Leave whenever it is required, and store the data to analyse later.




Jury Leave - Click to learn more

From time to time, an employee may be called up for jury service and you are obliged to grant Jury Leave. But when that call up comes, your employee’s absence can be easily recorded and incorporated in overall data reports.

AnnualLeave simplifies the employee leave management process. That way everyday tasks and responsibilities can be fulfilled more quickly, but not at the cost of high professional standards.

HR managers may relish saving time in managing employee leave requests, but not if it means cutting corners. AnnualLeave makes the entire process simple, not by removing task aspects but by improving efficiency levels.

The request assessment procedure becomes automatic and information retrieval instantaneous but, more importantly, it communicates key data more clearly and simply, making in-depth analysis practically instantaneous too.

All of this is achieved by providing just a few simple offerings – a user-friendly interface, a focus on real time reporting, and an efficient and reliable method of resource planning.

User-Friendly Calendar Interface - Click to learn more

Visual representations are the easiest way to assess data at a glance. And with so much information to digest – from employee leave periods to unplanned absence patterns – it’s important that a HR manager can do so.

AnnualLeave provides a calendar interface, complete with colour-coded icons, so you can see who is off and when they’re due back in just seconds.

Detailed Real Time Reporting - Click to learn more

For deeper insights, AnnualLeave can compile a wide range of detailed reports at a click. You can examine leave trends, check entitlements, show employee-specific patterns and, crucially, examine how severely unplanned absences are affecting productivity.

Updated in real time to guarantee accuracy, the data is communicated in clear, colorful graphic presentations, making it simple to digest.

Resource Planning - Click to learn more

Whether you are managing the needs of a large manufacturing operation or a small project team, maintaining personnel numbers is crucial to ensuring productivity is never broken. So, it’s important to structure employee leave to satisfy minimum resource requirements.

Resource planning is made simple because AnnualLeave stores all of the information in real time and matches it with pre-set company policies and requirements. The system applies the data automatically, calculating how many staff must be on duty and, therefore, how many can avail of leave.

This can be invaluable in meeting OHS regulations, where a particular number of qualified safety and first aid officers are required to be present at all times by law.

Although AnnualLeave is designed to require practically no IT support, we’re still here for you. In most cases, issues can be solved in minutes with a single phone call.

We understand that most people view software as being a matter for IT experts. So when things go wrong, they can’t help but pick up the phone. We’re happy to field any questions you might have and to guide you through any problems that might crop up.

The good news is that AnnualLeave has been specifically designed to run with practically no support necessary, and to be managed with ease by personnel with as little as a working knowledge of computers.

What’s more, it is accessible on all devices, including PCs, laptops and mobiles.

What all this means is that you never need to worry about calling out a support team and waiting for them to turn up. So, no matter where you are, you get the same fast attention.

24-Hour Response Time

In the unlikely event that a problem does arise, all you need to do is either visit our support portal here or e-mail us at

Our representatives endeavor to deal with all enquires within 24 hours over the course of the working week (Monday and Friday).

Taking advantage of modern technology is key to achieving greater efficiency, both in terms of cost and time. AnnualLeave makes use of leading technologies to help you achieve that.

In an age when technology has made the relationship between time and money closer than ever before, it’s important that management tools make the most of the latest technological offerings.

AnnualLeave does exactly that, making use of leading technologies and programs to not just maximize the convenience and usability of the system but make it a highly effective employee leave management tool.

Cloud Storage - Click to learn more

Because the AnnualLeave system, and all of its associated software, makes use of Cloud storage, users require neither IT expertise nor any IT support teams on standby. It also increases accessibility, with employees and managers able to log in at any time and from any location.

Security - Click to learn more

Protecting confidential employee data is an understandable concern. AnnualLeave is fully protected with the same type of encryption technology that is used by the banks and financial institutions. So, you can operate in full confidence that sensitive reports, data overviews and employee-specific details remain for authorized eyes only.

API - Click to learn more

Application Program Interface, or API, binds together the different features that comprise the AnnualLeave system, allowing them to interact smoothly and effectively. The result is a reliable, efficient and easy-to-use tool capable of handling millions of pieces of data at once. So, whereas employee leave management was once a complex, time-consuming chore, you will now find it one of the easiest tasks of the day.

Responsive Design - Click to learn more

Mobility is an important aspect of modern working and living. That is why AnnualLeave has been designed using Responsive Technology. Employees can access the system while out of the office or on the go, allowing them to submit leave requests or check on request decisions. HR managers, meanwhile, can check data, read reports or simply post memos. All that’s needed is a mobile device (Smartphone or tablet) with an internet connection.

AnnualLeave dramatically reduces the amount of time HR managers need to spend on employee leave management by doing all the assessing and cross-referencing for you – in seconds.

Managing time well is something we can all struggle to do. But when it comes to managing the time of dozens (even hundreds) of employees at once, the task becomes considerably complex. Depending on the size of your company, that can mean spending hundreds of hours on just one of a HR Department’s range of responsibilities.

AnnualLeave has been designed specifically to lessen the demands of the whole process by absorbing the intricate mesh of individual factors that impact on employee leave to do all the calculations for you.

And with the variety of data reports available in colourful and clear graphical displays, keeping abreast of matters is made easy.

Apply Complex Criteria - Click to learn more

There can be dozens of individual regulations and conditions to consider, not least factors like minimum required team resources, shift rotations and the impact of unplanned absences. All of these factors can be uploaded to the AnnualLeave system, so all of the data cross-referencing, checking and calculations are done for you. You don’t have to think about them again.

Automatic Assessments - Click to learn more

With the system now absorbing all of the relevant conditions and regulations, request assessment can be done automatically. It takes only minutes from viewing the request to approving or rejecting it, leaving you the simple task of noting the decision on the system’s interactive calendar.

Data In Real Time - Click to learn more

Having too many employees on leave at the same time can impede company productivity dramatically. AnnualLeave makes it easy to avoid such situations by updating data in real time. So, the moment approval is granted to one request, its consequences become part of the next request assessment.

Self-Service For Less Paperwork - Click to learn more

Traditionally, leave management procedures are dominated by employee questions and completed official requests, before assessing, deciding on and filing the form. It means paperwork mountains, stuffed in-trays and ever-growing backlogs.

AnnualLeave is a self-service system that not only removes the need for paperwork, but allows staff members to check on their entitlements, submit a request and receive an approval (or rejection) from their own desks. And because the system is mobile friendly, they can even do so when out of the office.



It is one thing creating a system that can handle the complex tangle of data involved in adequately employee leave management, but AnnualLeave making the procedure flow more smoothly too.

AnnualLeave has been specially designed to make the leave request procedure easy – for both ends of the process. A clear, user-friendly interface keeps employees and HR managers alike fully informed.

At first glance, it might seem that an employee taking the odd day off should have little impact on a company’s production rate. But the Bradford Factor has proven that this is not necessarily the case. In fact, it has helped to identify negative absentee trends and the employees setting them.

The Bradford Factor was devised to calculate the degree to which unplanned short absences impacts on a company’s performance. Employees are given a score based on the number of absences they have had over the course of a year, and that figure is a measure of the disruption these absences have had.

AnnualLeave records the instances of absence for all registered employees, and automatically calculates the Bradford Factor for each. In moments, it can identify individuals with the most disruptive patterns of absence.

How It Works

The calculation is not a particularly complicated one. There are only 2 factors to consider – the number of instances of absence over a particular block period (S2), and the total days of absence (D) – and these are multiplied together. The higher the score, the more disruption the employee’s absence is causing your company.

If Employee A is absent for a total of 10 days over 5 separate occasions (4 for 1 day; 1 for 6 days)

S = 1 (1) + 1(1) +1(1) + 1(1) + 1(6) = 5
D = 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 6 = 10

The Bradford Factor is:

S2 x D = (5 x 5) x 10 = 250

Employee B is absent for a total of16 days over 3 separate occasions (2 for 5 days; 1 for 6 days)

S = 1 (5) + 1(5) + 1(6) = 3
D = 5 + 5 + 6 = 16

The Bradford Factor is:

S2 x D = (3 x 3) x 16 = 144

So, although Employee A has been absent for fewer days, the Bradford Factor is higher making his absence more disruptive.

Why It’s Important

The Bradford Factor is an accurate way of identifying individual employees whose absence patterns are disrupting your company’s operation, and as a result causing a production to slow or targets to be missed.

AnnualLeave draws attention to employees whose absenteeism might otherwise slip under the radar. Once that is done, the issue can be addressed by management and personnel can learn how to avoid developing poor absentee patterns.


Fully automated, AnnualLeave streamlines the process of managing employee leave so it takes just a fraction of the usual time.


Set specific employee entitlements easily to ensure full compliance with all relevant legislation, even across multiple countries.

Cost Effective

With no installation fee, a self-managed system and a low monthly fee, AnnualLeave is the most cost-effective solution available.


Fully protected with encryption technology, your employee data stays safely away from prying eyes.


Because it’s a self-service system, employees can submit time off request from their own desks with ease.


AnnualLeave uses Responsive Technology, so you can use it even on the go via your mobile or tablet devices. is one of the most cost-effective employee leave management tools on the market, with no installation or set up fees – just affordable monthly payments. We offer a FREE Trial so you can experience first hand the AnnualLeave difference.

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